What You Should Know About The Memory Foam Mattress

These foams were first made by NASA in 1960’s for their planes seats and after this, the technology rapidly grew to other industries especially in home science in things like making quality pillows, toppers, mattresses and mattresses pad which are of different density.

memory foam mattress6Memory foam, probably the most dense foams out there are made from chemicals and polyurethane which give them that spherical shape look with millions of opens cells, sleep tight, sleep well, don’t let the bed bugs bite, these are the words you will normally hear every time you need that sleep, but let’s face the facts, you will need a mattress, a topper and the right foam to cradle you in comfort giving you that comfortable ‘sleep in style’ sensation, memory foam mattress would do a better work, Why is this? This is because these mattresses tend to be different from others as they are temperature and weight sensitive.

In a memory foam mattress, you will find that the most top layer of the foam has memory foam and other comfort fibres that work well together to give the right pressure comfort. During the cold weather they tend to be firmer and during the hot weather you will find that they become soft. What is unique about these foams is that they mould into a shape of a human once you lie down due to temperature sensitivity meaning there is a feeling like you are sinking in when you sleep in one of these, this can be good in giving you that comfy sleep that you want, however; this can be of disadvantage in that the movements within the bed becomes almost impossible that is when you want to turn, another disadvantage is that they may hinder with your blood circulation within the body and the remedy to this would be to go for a less dense foam which are normally lower in body sensitiveness.

A memory foam topper has a longevity period of three to four years for a regular user but all depends on the density of the topper, as the toppers age, they tend to lose their colour and supportiveness, one fact about a memory foam mattress topper is that their higher density make them significant when it comes to lover making.

What you should consider when buying memory foam

There are number of things to consider before buying memory foam because not all people would go for it, these things are like;

  • Budget. Initially, these foams are very expensive to buy and you should make sure you have enough allocations. The denser the foam, the expensive it is. Mattresses being expensive, not customers can add that cushiony feeling to their normal mattresses by getting mattresses toppers and pads for a cheaper price than buying whole set of a mattress.
  • Age: it can be said that most elderly people would go for this as they don’t to have to move a lot on the bed as they need more comfort that anyone. Most of these people will have spine problems which make these foam ideal for a better sleep and comfort

As our skins get that comfy sensation from memory foams, is better to familiarise the risk that comes with them as they can cause fatal problems with our bodies. It all depends on the user and making the right judgment.