Month: September 2015

What Is Meant By High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a silent killer and not a health issue that a person should play with. What is meant by high blood pressure? Please read on to learn more. You will be very glad that you did. Because, to be honest, it is not a medical condition that one should just avoid or pretend that he or she doesn’t have. If you find that you have symptoms of it, take them seriously, and get to a doctor right away to be examined. Simple as that.

What is meant by high blood pressure? High blood pressure is also called hypertension. It is a very serious disease and nothing to play with at all. It typically on the average doesn’t come with symptoms. However, it can prove to be very deadly, if a person has it and doesn’t get proper medical treatment for it. Over the course of time, what happens with high blood pressure is this, and that is the force from the blood flow gets very high. What this high force of blood flow can do is damage the tissues that comprise the walls belonging to the arteries. When damage occurs to the walls of the arteries, they get very stretched out, and this isn’t a good thing at all. They get too stretched out beyond their normal limit. This damage can create lots of very bad repercussions. What are some of these repercussions? One of these repercussions is that a person’s blood pressure can soar and go sky high.

How does one know when the numbers in their blood pressure reading is something serious and to be concerned about? The answer to this question is common sense. There are two numbers in total, which do indicate to you, the force of the blood flow that is going up against the walls of your arteries. The force of this blood flow pushes against the walls of one’s arteries whenever the heart does contract. It also does the same when the heart is at rest. These two numbers are very important to know and keep track off. There are various blood pressure machines, bracelets, and so forth to determine what your blood pressure is very easily. A person should be concerned if the numbers prove to be too high. The best way to learn about blood pressure numbers is through your doctor or medical care provider.

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